Frequently Asked Questions 


Would my child benefit from extra tuition?
Tuition can build their confidence.
Confidence is very important to a child’s progress. It’s sometimes hard for a child to get their voice heard in a class of thirty or more. All of our students benefit from personal attention that comes with small focused groups of 10.
Can my child move up a class?
If your child isn’t performing as well as you’d like or their best friend is in a higher set, SpiritRaft Academy has everything needed to help them reach their full potential.
Can my child prepare for their IGCSE or SAT Exams privately?
We have the resources and the experience to help your child excel at their IGCSEs or SAT exams on a very fast pace.
Will my child get the extra attention they need to succeed?
Every child has different learning needs and that is why our tutors are trained in the art of engaging children with short attention span. Our tutors provide each child with the extra attention and time they need for their specific problem.
Will my child get homework?
Yes, a little. Homework is an essential part of any learning program, particularly for the reading aspect. We’re aware of existing school work so we only assign a very limited amount of homework.
How long is each lesson?
1 hour 20 minutes for academic classes, and 1 hour 45 minutes for extra-curricular classes. Unlike school classes, our sessions are broken up in 30 minute activities which ensure your child is attentive throughout and gets the most out of their time.
Do you tutor from home?
No. All of our tutoring is done in an optimal learning environment inside of our center. Your child has access to all of our learning packages and technology and can progress without any distractions.
How long will it take to solve my child’s problem?
All children are unique which is why it’s important to attend an assessment. The assessment helps us to develop a plan and set targets that are realistic for your child to work towards. There is no contract or obligation to attend for any length of time and we’ll provide regular feedback so you know how far your child is progressing.
How do I know that my child will improve?
We’re yet to meet a child that hasn’t benefited from tuition. We provide updates and feedback about how they are performing. Our homework, coupled with the guidance of our tutors and expertise, improves your child’s self-esteem and ultimately their academic performance.

If you require any further information or you would like to book an appointment, please call us on 059-600-7169.