Why SpiritRaft Academy?

We at SpiritRaft believe in utilizing the power of software solutions and digital media content to enhance the learning experience of our students. We provide help to young minds who find learning difficult in their daily life. We cater for children who just ‘don’t understand’, who are frustrated, have given up trying, and feel ‘lost in the crowd’. 

Our programs are designed to give children the motivation they need to succeed. Children are allowed to work at their own pace so they are never overwhelmed. We also have opportunities for children who are interested in exploring extra-curricular hobbies in an after-school life. 

The moment children walk into our academy, they realize that this is a place to learn and a place where it is fun to learn.

Through experience we have learned how to effectively teach children of every ability. We are passionate about what we do and we’d love nothing more than to speak to you about how we can help your child.

 Office Hours:

Days Opening Time Closing Time
Sunday 4 pm 9:30 pm
Monday 4 pm 9:30 pm
Tuesday 4 pm 9:30 pm
Wednesday 4 pm 9:30 pm
Thursday 4 pm 9:30 pm
Friday closed closed
Saturday 2 pm 10:00 pm


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